Setcom Communications


No matter what kind of vessel you operate, Setcom has the right headset system for your marine communications requirements. Setcom's marine systems are specifically designed for use on boats and ships. Reduce the fatigue on your ears and increase your communications capabilities with the other members of your crew, other vessels, and harbor control. Easily meet OSHA hearing conservation requirements with Setcom's headsets that have up to 24 dB noise reduction capabilities.


Marine Police-Patrol Boat Communications


Leveraging Setcom's 45 years of experience servicing the communications of requirements of law enforcement vehicles and maritime communications knowledge, Setcom's patrol boat systems are designed for optimal performance on public safety radio systems while on the water. Setcom has engineered and configured a multitude of wired and wireless communications systems for advanced vessels. 

Many of America's leading police departments are installing Setcom's System 977. One of Setcom's most recent public safety marine customers is the Texas Parks and Wildlife, which recently set in place Setcom's Wireless System 977. In order for Texas Parks to effectively enforce the Texas Penal Code, they must have absolute communications with their fellow wardens. Therefore, Setcom has become the solution to their communications challenges





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